The Cost Of Selling 


Selling fees and other costs are important factors, because obviously one of the goals of Sellers is to maximize the amount they will “net” from the sale. Instead of asking “How much are your fees”, perhaps a better question is “How do you propose to ….

A wise consumer knows the difference between cheapest price and best value. Even with certain commodities such as a Home Theatre System, simply paying the cheapest price might not be the best value – what about delivery, setup, warranty, return policy, etc. What’s the best value – the lowest price, requiring you to pickup the unit, install it your self, a limited warranty and if there is a problem you can’t return it to the store where you bought it or perhaps the full service store that does it all for you.

Obviously one solution doesn’t fit all in retail sales and certainly not in something as important as a major asset like real estate in choosing your service suppliers.

As A Seller You Will Be Paying Some Or All Of The Following: