So Many Choices So Little Facts


There are a plethora of business strategies employed by REALTORS® these days designed to convince your to list your property. The primary theme in these marketing strategies is "I can do it cheaper". My kingdom for clients who say "I am looking for a REALTOR® who can do it better"!

What you should be aiming to accomplish - actually in any transaction - is the greatest net benefit to you.For example - saving $3000 on fees and underselling by $5000-10000 doesn't make sense. So you need to look at both sides of the equation - the costs and the benefits.

You hire a REALTOR® for a professionally managed transaction - and also so you have recourse if it doesn't go so well. You use MLS® to expose the property to a huge pool of Buyer's Agents, and you ant to provide sufficient incentives for those Agents to offer on your property.

One size doesn't fit all however the level of our repeat and referral business tells us what we do works for our clients.