It’s Just Advertising Not The MLS®


The site (formerly is heavily used by consumers to see what is currently listed for sale is often confused by as being “The MLS®” when actually it is simply an online advertising vehicle.

Dan was on the Canadian Real Estate Association Task Force that changed the name to to help alleviate the misconception that this site was some how or other the MLS®. The MLS® is actually the marketing tool used by REALTOR® to promote their listings to other REALTORS®.

The public advertising site listings contain a very limited set of data on active MLS® listings only.

And that's one of the drawbacks of is it only provides active listings which is only half the picture for Sellers. The other is what are Buyers actually getting for their home buying dollars, and which direction of the market trending.

That's why we recommend or Market Snapshots and Personalized Listings Searches as much more comprehensive, powerful and customizable, plus our Monthly Market Update via email.