This Isn't The First Time We Have Sold


There's a common misconception that all there is to selling a property is a sign, an MLS® listing and a couple of Open Houses! As an experienced Seller you know that's not really very accurate.

Whether it's advice on what needs to be done to best present your property, or on what is the best pricing strategy, you are hiring us to "take the emotion" out of selling your property. You know that you really need a business-like approach and to look at your sale from the perspective of potential Buyers and what will appeal to them.

And that's where we, as full time full service REALTORS® really shine because we are working with all types of Buyers day in and day out.

Over the years, we have found that one of the most important concerns of people selling is getting timely feedback on what the heck is going on - we are big on communication!