I Still Can't Believe I'm A Senior


And who in the heck decided that arbitrary age?! “Downsizing” - the buzz word of today’s Boomer – just remember today’s 60 is the new 40 and a move is usually more about an improvement in lifestyle. It’s usually about moving off acreage because the kids and the horses have gone or about trading the maintenance of the big family home for a regular golf game or trips to Europe.

Sure you’ve bought and sold a bunch of times and bring more experience to the table than a first time Seller. Actually you fit right into our ideal client – one whose fully knowledgable on all aspects of the transaction so you are in a position to make informed decisions. All we need to add is a dose of current market data and good lines of communication.

We can relate to your concerns - should we renovate and stay put, sell and buy an apartment in town and travel, cash out and put the money in bonds or other investments? What about estate planning and leaving something for the kids or not!

We work with clients who are asking the same questions and we can help you with those decisions.