Choosing A Seller's Agent REALTOR®


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I was asked, “If I were not a REALTOR®, how would I go about choosing one to market my property? I replied that the first question REALTORS® always get asked is “How much is your fee?” and my response was that the cost would be the last question I would ask – I would start with what are the person’s experience and expertise to get the job done for me – if we couldn’t get beyond that point it wouldn’t make any difference what the cost was.

We had an excellent opportunity to prove the point recently as we interviewed roofing companies to re-roof our house. We asked “Do you work the area, can you give references of recent work, how long have you been in business, what is your warranty and is it transferable, what is included, how long to finish, what’s involved in the process, and other such questions?” In fact we spent a lot of time learning about types of materials and methods of installation. We then asked for a quote from each and frankly we did not choose the cheapest. We did however choose the company that would give us the best value and would meet our overall expectations.

There seem to be no end of suppliers whose main claim to fame is working cheaper. In the long run, we should be asking the questions that help us get the best value, not necessarily the cheapest price.